Superheroes Can’t Save Every Dog: Tips for Taking Care of Your Pooch When You’re a Busy Comic Book Writer

When you’re a busy comic book writer, it can be tough to find time to take care of your furry friend. Between drafting scripts and attending conventions, it’s hard to fit in walks and feeding times. But your dog still needs exercise and food, even when you’re swamped with work. In this article, we’ll discuss some tips for taking care of your pooch when you’re super busy!

One of the most important things you can do for your dog is to make sure they get enough exercise. If you can’t take them on a long walk every day, try to at least play with them in the yard or throw a Frisbee around. They’ll appreciate the attention and it’ll help them stay healthy.

It’s also important to feed your dog a healthy diet. Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you should feed them whatever is convenient. Look for high-quality dog food that will give them the nutrients they need. And don’t forget to give them plenty of water!

Finally, remember to spend some quality time with your pup when you can. They’ll love you even more for it! Even if you can’t take them out for a walk, just sitting down and petting them will show them how much you care. Getting a crate for them to sleep in can also help, so they feel like they’re part of your writing process.

So those are some tips for taking care of your dog when you’re a busy comic book writer. Just remember to make time for them and they’ll always be there for you!

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