Meet the Team at Dela Hood: Comic Book Artists and Writers

If you’re a fan of comic books, then you need to meet the team at! We are a group of artists and writers who specialize in creating comics. Our team is passionate about telling stories and making art that engages and entertains readers. We love what we do, and we hope that our passion shows in our work.

Our little team consists of five talented members:

Sid is our writer and artist. He’s been drawing since he was a kid, and has always loved telling stories. His comics are full of action and adventure, and he loves creating new worlds and characters.

Nate is our inker and colorist. He brings Brian’s drawings to life with his amazing inking and coloring skills. Nate is also a huge comic book fan, and his knowledge of the medium helps him create beautiful comics.

Sarah is our letterer. She adds the words to our comics, and makes sure that they look amazing. Sarah is also an artist, and she loves creating her own comics as well.

Emily is our editor. She helps us make sure that our comics are the best they can be before we publish them. Emily is also a big fan of comic books, and she loves to read and collect them.

And last but not least, we have our publisher, Alex. He makes sure that our comics get published and into the hands of our readers. Alex is also a huge comic book fan, and he loves to collect them as well.

Thanks for visiting our website, and be sure to check out our portfolio to see some of our latest projects!